Glossier. Is it worth the hype?



If you haven't heard of Glossier you must have been living under a loofah since 2014. This hyper-popular beauty brand has taken over the world. AND I'm all over it!

I was initially drawn to the brands incredibly insta-worthy packing.  I also found their "no makeup, makeup" approach to beauty particularly pleasing. Glossier was built around the philosopy "skin first, makeup second".  So simple, but absolute. I was sold.

Here's what I  had shipped to my doorstep all the way to little ol ' New Zealand - and my honest thoughts on them:

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser The name really sums this one up. Its milky/ jelly-like texture is super gentle. Even to remove make-up from the eyes. Its pretty much fragrance free which I like. It's honestly just a simple cleanser, that is good for all skin types. I probably won't repurchase this as my dry skin appreciates more of a cleansing balm or an oil to lock in the moisture.  5/10

Glossier Priming Moisturiser - This is good. A lot of makeup artist friends of mine rave about this. Its the perfect lightweight miosturiser for wearing under makeup. And apparently you can skip your primer! (Though I wouldn't recommend going primmer-less if you have oilier skin). 7/10

Glossier You Solid Perfume - The perfect handbag accompaniment. The weighted pink mental packaging is glorified with a swivel lid, moulded perfectly to fit the thumb. The fragrance is nice, but nothing to write home about.  Sightly masculine, earthy, with a hint of peppery notes. It's supposed to adapt to 'you'  - but don't all perfumes!?  6/10

Glossier Balm Dot Com - The cutest packaging! Love the Cherry Lip Balm, nice and thick and smells so good! The vanilla cupcake smell of the Birthday Balm is good enough to eat - but not a fan of the tiny flecks of glitter that you a bound to ingest. . 7/10 

Glossier Could Paints - Yes, Yes, Yes! My absolute fave! The liquid formula stains your cheeks in an oh so natural way.  Just beware when applying - you only need a pea sized amount. AND pat don't rub. 10/10!

Glossier Lid star -  Adorable. Subtle. Cream eyeshadow with a wand applicator. Wouldn't recommend for makeup-y eyeshadow wearers. I love that subtle wash of colour or sparkle on the eye that is SO fast and easy to apply. 8/10

Glossier SolutionA goodie for congested skin. I just like to use this on my T-zone a couple of times a weeks for a deep pore cleanse (I'm a dry-skined-gal though). If your'e oily and prone to breakouts - go for it! 9/10

Glossier Stretch Concealer - Absolutely one of the BEST concealers I've ever used. Very buildable, easy to blend, and not at all caky. I got the shade medium. 10/10!

Glossier Lash Slick - One of the BEST mascara's I've ever used. Does not smudge. The perfect wand to seperate the lashes. And its pink guys! 10/10!

Glossier Boy Brow - Every lady needs this little guy in their lives. Brush through brows in an upward direction for an instant face lift. If you're not sure on the colour to get - match one shade down from your natural brow colour. I got the blonde. 9/10

So there you go. I know, I know - I got a lot, please don't judge my spending habits! Totally worth every cent. It's actually really reasonably priced!


Here's how you can get it in sent here: 

Step 1. Go to the New Zealand Post website and sign up to YOU SHOP where you'll recieve your YOU SHOP address. 

Step 2. At the check out on the glossier website enter your YOU SHOP ADDRESS - not your personal address!

Step 3. Wait for your email when your order arrives at the YOU SHOP warehouse. 

Step 4. Pay for postage, then wait with anticipation until your parcel arrives on your doorstep!


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