Will a face oil make you break out?


You may have noticed 209,4003 face oils popping up on top of your favourite instagramer's dressing table and shelfie shots. Yes, these luxurious glass bottles of  liquid gold look very appealing - but will they make you look as greasy as a fish and chip shop?

The trick is finding the right oil to suit your skin type. Good quality, non- comedogenic oils mimic the sebum (natural oils) in your skin, therefore your skin doesn't need to over produce more sebum. Resulting in balanced, hydrated and glowy skin. 


Sunday Riley Luna Facial Oil

Suitable for all skintypes, but most suited to ageing skin. Contain calming blue tansy and rentinol A to fight premature ageing and resurface the skin. Apply at night on its own and wake up with a glowing complexion. 



Soel Walker facial oil 

Best for normal to dry complexions. Rich in vitamins and anti- oxidants to protect and hydrate the skin. Use on top of your moisturiser (otherwise you won't get the benefits of your moisturiser.)


Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

Best for combination and congested skin. Calms and hydrates without causing breakouts. 


Sunday Riley UFO Oil 

For oily, Acne prone skin. This medicated dry oil contains 1.5 percent salicylic acid to clear acne and clean out pores while brightening and hydrating the skin. 

BeautyHayley Amundsen